Seasonal Stems, including Ranunculus

Have a read of the fun facts by each of the current stems we are using in our bouquets:

Pink Rananculus – £2.20 a stem 

Ranunculus, blooms between the likes of a rose and a peony while it is actually more closely related (specie wise) to a buttercup. It is actually referred to as a buttercup In some parts of the word – including France and Scotland.

The Ranunculus name is originally from the Latin word ‘rana’ which means ‘little frog’, signifying the many species of this plant which are found near water, just like frogs.

A pink Ranunculus displays a gentle charm.

Pink Veronica – £1.60 a stem 

Veronica is generally thought of as a summer flower –  while it is now readily available all-year-round. Veronica’s spires texture and shape has made it a popular flower choice for weddings to add dimension and contrast to otherwise rounded focal flowers.

We love it for the distinction it brings to our bouquets and its ‘look at me’ appearance it has with it’s competing focal flower neighbours. Go Veronica!

Chrysanthemum Deco Bloom – £3.00 a stem

The Chrysanthemum flower blooms in many (hundreds of) varieties and is the second most popular flower used around the world (the rose is the first).

Chrysanthemum comes from Greek word ‘Chrys’ meaning golden (the colour of the original flowers), and ‘anthemon’, meaning flower.

A white or cream Chrysanthemum Bloom relates to a true love or truth in love.

Chrysanthemum Santini – £1.70 a stem

Chrysanthemum Santini is a relatively new variety, which is a long lasting vase flower. The major difference between santini and ‘typical’ Chrysanthemum varieties is that santini’s flowers are much more compact and branch off from the stem.

The santini represents joy. We particularly love the orange colour of this stem which adds a touch of warmth to our otherwise neutral and pink palette.

Wax-Flower (real name Chamelaucium) – £1.80 a stem 

The nickname wax-flower came about due to the waxy feel of the petals. Wax-flower grows naturally in heathland conditions and is also commonly found near the coast in Australia or Israel.

We love it as an alternative flower filler as its height and texture give it presence in all bouquets and vase arrangements. The white variety is a popular choice for wedding bouquets instead of gypsophilia.

Alstromeria – £1.50 a stem 

True to its origin in the cool mountainous region of the Andes, South America, Alstromeria likes to be kept cool and won’t produce flowers from their buds if they are too hot. Once in bloom, they have a long vase life-span if looked after, usually 14+ days.

A great friendship flower, with the twists in the flower symbolizing the trials and tribulations of friendship (image shown is still in bud).

Ammi Green Mist – £2.20 a stem

When Ammi varieties flower, they do so in large umbrellas carrying hundreds of small flowers. The stems and flowers are rugged and fern-like, defying their delicate appearance by being hardy and tough.

Ammi tends to have very little scent, if any at all. We particularly like this extra large variety which adds a striking appearance to vase arrangements.

Baby-Blue Eucalyptus (Pulverulenta) – £1.40 a stem 

The leaves are small, blue-green, fragrant and the foliage is ideal for flower arrangements.

We love the versatility of eucalyptus and the scent of these stems are incredible. You can count on your eucalyptus to fly the fragrance flag.

Asparagus Fern (mixed) – 80p a stem 

Mixed asparagus fern allows various foliage textures to frame a bouquet or arrangement. This hardier asparagus fern loves sunlight and is known to be long lasting in flower arrangements.

Ruscus – 70p a stem

One of the most hardy of foliages. Its waxy leaves will hold up in water and not deteriorate like many other plants will, making it one of the best greens to incorporate into arrangements.

We love ruscus in our bouquets for its ability to make the colours surrounding it pop! See our hand-tied at the end of this post for a good example of the dark green ruscus complimenting its surrounding chrysanthemum and roses.

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